Additional attractions


The add-ons for fun & action are exciting attractions that have everything to offer from adrenalin and thrills to excitement as well as balance and concentration. They significantly boost the fun factor and the time spent by visitors. Thus they make the installation even more attractive for bachelor parties, birthday parties or action fans. So you as the operator benefit from additional marketing opportunities and can therefore generate higher sales.





The Fast Track continuous safety system allows the operator to separately market individual attractions mounted on the KristallTurm® high rope course such as the abseiling station or zip line. Once connected to the continuous safety system, visitors can climb to the attraction of choice quickly. Instruction for regular climbing in the high rope course can therefore be omitted. After reaching the destination, the guest can be connected to the safety system of the respective attraction. This provides access to the activity with minimal equipment on the harness and in a short time.
The Fast Track symbol on the following pages identies the attractions compatible with the Fast Track.

Attractions identied with this symbol are used without personal protective equipment.

This symbol identies attractions that are also suitable for younger children.

The action scale rates the add-ons from 1 like a children’s carousel to 5 like a roller coaster.



Kids' Course

Installing a kids course makes the high rope course a special experience for young guests aged 3 to 8 years. The kids course is installed below the first level. It is at a height that allows parents on the ground to easily accompany their children. Moreover it offers maximum climbing fun for the youngest who are not yet big enough to climb on the upper levels. Climbing stations are adapted precisely to the needs and interests of children. The kids’ course is equipped with a special, pass-through belay system that simplies handling for children and attendants. So parents can rest assured that their little ones are perfectly safe.



Giant swing


The giant swing is one of the most popular attractions of the KristallTurm® high rope course. It is the absolute screech factor for guests of all ages. An electric cable winch pulls the swing up to an angle of 50 degrees. Once it reaches the highest point, the guests disengage it and off they go!


Abseiling station


With this add-on component, visitors plunge into the depths and experience the feeling of a genuine free fall. A braking system integrated into the abseiling equipment slows the fall in time. The guest is lowered safely to the ground in a controlled manner.Truly a thrill and a special attraction for large and small visitors alike! The system requires very little maintenance. Above all it is suitable for
children and adults, and supports a high throughput.

Tube slide


The tube slide is an attraction in the KristallTurm® high rope course that is not only suitable for climbers but all visitors. This stainless steel tube slide is used with a sliding bag provided at the entrance. Depending on the version, the user slides down the spiral in complete darkness or in a transparent tube. The sliding bag allows active climbers to also use the slide with safety equipment.

Zip Line 


The zip line is an exciting add-on feature for the KristallTurm® high rope course and can be planned in various ways according to local conditions. For example, a route from the tower directly to the ground or from the tower to a transfer pole and from there to the ground is possible. With the third version, guests “fly” from the tower to a transfer pole and from there back to the tower. The route lengths as well as the start and end points are designed according to the terrain. The zip line is especially well suited as an exciting way to descend from the KristallTurm® high rope course.

Walk the Plank

"Walk the Plank" is a climbing element for courageous climbers with a lot of balance. The climbers balance on a small steel beam that leads away from the climbing tower. At the end of the beam, a bell is fitted, which the climber can ring once he has reached the furthest end. 

Bike Lift 

The Bike Lift is a different way to get from one level to the next. Connected to the safety system, you sit on a bicycle and start pedalling hard while your own muscle power takes you up. If you run out of energy, the TOPPAS fully automatic belay returns you to the starting position. The Bike Lift can be used to get up from the ground or between the levels, and is an exciting alternative to the stairs.


Trust Jump


With the Trust Jump, the guest jumps toward a foam bag and tries to hang onto it while being gently lowered to the ground by the TOPPAS belay. The challenge is to trust in your own jumping and holding abilities and to overcome your inhibitions. This differentiates the feature from the regular abseiling station.


Pole Walk

The Pole Walk lets guests climb from the first to the second level. It is made of stilts that go up in a semicircle. Climbers have to feel their way forward freehand step by step. Therefore, sure-footedness and a sense of balance are required. If you lose your balance, the TOPPAS fully automated belay lowers you back to the ground. Since the Pole Walk is installed within the tower’s footprint, it does not require additional space.

Climbing panels

The climbing panels are attached to the outer poles of the high rope course and can be up to the third level (about 14m). Visitors can climb in safety with an automatic belay and with no need for a partner or special equipment. With a carabiner hooked to the harness, the guest climbs as far as his strength goes. No additional personnel is required to operate the climbing wall. The panels can be designed in different colors. There are three different versions: 

  • Straight panel 
  • Panel with climbing volumes 
  • Chimney: the visitor climbs between the panels 


Rope climbing

The rope climbing is the ultimate athletic challenge, allowing visitors to prove their strength. Guests can compete against each other when two ropes are suspended next to each other. The goal is to climb the thick rope as quickly as possible and ring the bell. Then the guest is free to either climb down again or be lowered by the automatic TOPPAS belay.

Integrated Teambuilding Elements

Jacob's Ladder

The Jacob’s Ladder is a climbing frame with very large spaces. It can only be overcome when two climbing guests assist each other while the rest of the team secures the climbers with top ropes. Ideally the Jacob’s Ladder is installed on the back of the climbing wall, but it can also be integrated into the high rope course without that.


Pamper Pole

The Pamper Pole is the ultimate test of courage and as a result an ideal element of the team course. Guests climb to the top of a pole. Standing up at a height of 10 metres and spreading your arms is the most challenging part. The guest jumps down secured by the belay and is caught a few metres above the ground.

Pillow Jump


With the Pillow Jump, the user can experience the feeling of a stuntman by jumping into an air cushion without a belay from various heights. Jumps onto the pillow are possible from all levels up to a height of 12 metres. In addition to the adrenalin kick for guests, the Pillow Jump is a gigantic billboard that guarantees numerous photos and sharing on the Internet.




The KristallTurm® system offers the possibility of expanding the uses of the climbing park with various elements. Add-ons such as the cargo lift or access control make day-to-day
operation easier for the operator. Furthermore the sound system provides entertainment for the guests. Other add-on components complement the experience, provide shade and offer places to rest.






The ground platform with a corresponding substructure is an ideal space for instructing climbing guests. In addition, the ground platform can be used as an event location for parties or other high rope course events.


The event platform is suitable for a variety of uses ranging from a lookout point for visitors to a rest station for climbing guests. It can be integrated as the second, third or even fourth level, depending on the tower version and simultaneously serves as a roof. Furthermore it reveals its full potential as a venue for events. It offers a spectacular location for organisers and moreover is sure to bring in additional revenue.


Flood light system

A floodlight system lets the operator extend the hours of operation and makes special offers possible, such as “Climbing under the stars” or “After work climbing”. This means higher revenues for you.



Integrating a sound system allows you to entertain your guests with music. In addition it can also be used as for announcements. The waterproof speakers are mounted on the installation’s poles and therefore ensure excellent audio coverage of the entire high rope course.

Sun & rain protection

Every KristallTurm® high rope course can be roofed in whole or in part, protecting the guests against sun and / or rain depending on the version. The roofing options range from a simple sun canopy to roofs that roll up automatically.

Cargo lift

The cargo lift lets you move large quantities and heavy materials onto and off the platform easily and conveniently. It is particularly
useful when preparing for and holding events at lofty heights.


Access control

Access control ensures that only participants properly connected to the safety system can enter the climbing area. Only after both safety carabiners are engaged in the safety cable does the revolving door allow one person to pass. That person is then belayed and can move around in the climbing area independently. Participants who are not properly secured or guests without a climbing
harness do not gain access.