Apr 29

KristallTurm® – New projects worldwide

Exciting projects have arrived here in the first few months of 2015: at the moment, we are producing three new KristallTurm® towers for the US, Switzerland and Norway:

We are particularly proud of our second indoor project in Frenkendorf near Basel, Switzerland. Planning and construction of an indoor tower always presents a challenge because of the set ceiling height.

In Norway (Trones) and US (Indiana), we will install a KristallTurm® Mini each with a capacity of 50 people. The tower in Norway will be located in the Namsskogan Familiepark and will open for visitors on 1st July. Following the theme „wildlife park“, we will also produce unique themed climbing elements: for example, a wood-carved bear, a bridge guarded by polar foxes and a climbing wall in the shape of moose antlers.

Latest news

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