High Ropes Courses

Certificat EN 1090

Certified steel construction company

We are a certified steel construction company of the execution class 2 (EXC 2),  according to  EN 1090. 

KristallTurm® climbing parks offer not only the highest degree of safety for guests and efficient utilisation for the operator, but also feature a unique and captivating design. Thanks to the space-saving layout, this model only requires an area of approx. 1000 m2. The KristallTurm® can hold up to 160 climbing guests at a time on between two and four levels. Our facilities can be installed indoor and outdoor and are suitable for urban spaces and rural areas. We adapt the KristallTurm® entirely on your conditions. This means that every high ropes course becomes unique. Since there is no fixed course, guests are free to select their climbing stations individually. This eliminates congestion and long waiting times - instead guests have more fun and the operating company benefits from higher utilisation. We always design the climbing elements together with our customers. Our aim is to equip each KristallTurm® with a special motto using a local or thematic reference. We also offer to install a platform on one of the levels upon request. This can be used for various events. With the TÜV Süd approval, which is performed for each system before commercial operation starts, it is proven that every KristallTurm® meets the highest quality and safety requirements. The KristallTurm® is a very low-maintenance system since we only use high quality materials. The granted patent guarantees that investors and operating companies have an absolute unique selling point!

High ropes course



Due to the space-saving construction, this model uses a small footprint of 900 m2. The KristallTurm® Standard can offer up to 160 climbing elements on two to four levels.


The KristallTurm® Mini offers space for up to 50 guests on two to three levels, making it the ideal solution for smaller sites. The lower number of climbing stations and smaller footprint of 14m x 16m translate into lower management costs and a smaller investment for you. Later on, you can retrofit and / or expand the system to a large KristallTurm® or a custom intermediate layout.
We can also integrate an event platform here, just like on the large KristallTurm®, which can be installed as a fourth level. Thanks to creative and themed climbing elements, the KristallTurm® Mini also becomes an exceptional attraction.


This is the smallest available KristallTurm® system, built in the shape of a diamond with up to three levels and space for up to 20 guests. The required investment and management costs are reduced considerably by the low footprint of just 8 m x 14 m.
Like all of our models, you can expand the KristallTurm® Mikro at any time – from adding another pole to expanding to the large system. The KristallTurm® Mikro is particularly well suited for expanding the offering of existing locations, such as climbing gyms, hotels or shopping centres. Thanks to its short installation times, the KristallTurm® Mikro can be installed temporarily for large events as well.

The KristallTurm® is available as intermediate size where the number of poles varies. The KT-10 consists of 10 poles and includes 2 or 3 levels. Up to 75 guests can climb in this high ropes course.
KristallTurm® is available as intermediate size where the number of poles varies. The KT-12 contains 12 poles. Up to 90 guests can climb in the high ropes course on 2 or 3 levels.


Beside the standard sizes KristallTurm® is also available as intermediate size where the number of poles varies. The KT-13 consists of 13 poles and includes 2 or 3 levels. Up to 100 guests can climb in this high ropes course.

KristallTurm® is available as intermediate size where the number of poles varies. The KT-14 contains 14 poles. Up to 115 guests can climb in the high ropes course on 2 or 3 levels.



Implementing various themes by adding individually designed climbing elements make each KristallTurm® unique. Our creative team always comes up with fresh ideas suiting the location or the operators own theme. In so doing, we do not shy away from fancy ideas like car bodies or snow groomers.





With a color coating of the hot-dip galvanized steel parts, you can bring your KristallTurm® to perfection. Such coating also offers additional protection against corrosion.



Extended use

The base platform with corresponding substructure is a perfect area for instructing climbing guests. The area can also be used as an additional event location for parties or other events in the high rope course.
The 180 m2 large event platform offers many different uses: Whether as a viewing platform for visitors or as a resting point for climbing guests. It exhibits its full potential especially as event location: The elevated platform is ideally suited for holding private parties or company events. Offer event organisers as a spectacular location and secure additional revenue!
The optional floodlight system allows KristallTurm® operators to extend opening times into the hours after dark and offer special events such as „After Work Climbing“ or „Climbing Under The Stars“. Longer operating hours translate into higher revenue!
The integration of a sound system in your KristallTurm® allows entertaining your guests with music. Furthermore, announcements can be made. The loudspeakers will be attached at the poles of the construction and provide an excellent sound throughout the entire high ropes course.

Every KristallTurm® can be fitted with a canopy to offer guests protection from sun and / or rain. The possibilities of the roofing range from a simple sun sail to automatically rewindable roof surfaces. 



The access control ensures that only participants who are properly connected to the security system can enter the climbing area. Only after both safety carabiner have been hooked into the safety cable, the revolving door releases a passage for one person. The person can then move securely and independently in the climbing area. Not or not properly secured participants and guests without harness will not get access.

With the cargo lift, large and heavy material can be conveniently lifted onto the top platform. This especially facilitates preparations for events at this unique location.

More fun & action

An exciting addition to the KristallTurm®: Guests „fly“ from the tower to an intermediate pole and from there to the ground. The zip line offers an adrenalin rush for young and old.
Flying Fox-4
Flying Fox-3
Flying Fox-2
Flying Fox-1
The giant swing is among the most popular attractions of the KristallTurm® and makes guests scream with excitement. An electric motor pulls the swing up. Once the highest point has been reached, the visitors can hit the release themselves - and down they go!
With this add-on, visitors jump down from the KristallTurm® and experience a real free fall feeling. The braking system of the abseiling device slows the rider down in time to lower her / him gently to the ground. A real thrill and special attraction for visitors of all ages. The system is suitable for kids and adults and can operate with high capacities.
In order to turn the KristallTurm® into an adventure for the whole family, we have designed a children´s course for the little ones. It is integrated below the first level of the high rope course and is equipped with a special continuous safety system. Climbing elements tailored to the needs of children allow even three and four year olds to use the systems. This lets you expand your target group to the whole family.
Visitors can climb safely by using an automatic belay system, without need for a partner or special equipment. Therefore this add-on is the perfect opportunity for visitors who are just starting to get into climbing. Secured by a carabiner, harness and automatic belay system, visitors can climb as far as his strength lasts. The automatic belay system lowers the climber safely to the ground. Therefore no additional staff is needed for the operation.

Pamper Pole

Step by step the guests climb to the top of a 10 metre high tree-trunk. When standing up, the wind makes the tree-trunk move slighly back and forth - a real challenge even for the tough ones. This increases the kick when jumping off! The pamper pole can also be used as an element for the team building course.

Jacob's Ladder

The Jacob's Ladder is a ladder with very wide spaces, which can be overcome by two climbers assisting each other. The remaining team secures both climbers using a top rope system. The Jacob's Ladder can be installed on the back of the climbing wall. It can also be installed in the KristallTurm® by itself, without the climbing wall.

Pamper Pole-1

Pamper Pole-2



The Zip Corner is a variation of the zip line and differs therein that the guests can drive around the tower hanging on a steel cable. In cooperation with Cambium we developed curves that make it possible to circle the KristallTurm®. The course can be selected almost freely, so it is possible to lead the course away from the tower and back. Controlled by a traffic light system, the safety and utilisation of the facility is optimized. Through the continuous safety system, supervision is minimized even on poorly visible poles or sections. The Zip Corner is exciting, fast and diverse and makes the stay in the KristallTurm® high ropes course to an unforgettable experience.


The slide in the KristallTurm® is not only suitable for climbers but for all visitors. You don’t need any more equipment other than a mat which is provided at the starting point of the stainless steel slide. Depending on the configuration, you can slide down in a dark tube or in a clear tube, spiralling down from the KristallTurm® to the ground. The sliding mats also allow climbers to use the slide with their equipment attached, without causing any damage to the slide.  

KristallTurm® has developed a new thrill of an attraction: The Pillow Jump. The user can experience from different heights the feeling like a stuntman and jump into an air bag without safety equipment.

It is available in two versions. The BigAirBag Adventure allows jumps from the first and second level. With the BigAirBag Revolution it is possible to jump from the second and third level at a height of up to 12 m. Secured by a harness and a continuous safety system, a guide takes the guests in small groups to the jumping platform. On the platform, the harness is released from the safety system and the guest decides when to jump. The Pillow Jump is not only a exciting thrill for your guests, but also a giant advertising space that guarantees lots of photos and a dissemination on the internet.