KristallTurm® Questionnaire

Thank you very much for your enquiry and your interest in our products. Please take 5 minutes to complete our questionnaire.
This allows us to prepare a detailed concept and quotation for you, which is tailored to your requirements and demands. 

General Information

1.) How did you hear about us?
InternetMagazin/PrintTrade showVisit to a KristallTurm® high rope coursether (Enter in comment field)

2.) Do you already have a site for your KristallTurm® high rope course?

If you already have a site:

3.) How large is the site?

4.) Where is the site?

5.) Are you intending to operate the high rope course yourself?
Yes, I am the future operatorNo, I am not going to be the operator

If you are not the operator, what is your role?

PlanerInvestorroject consultantOther (Enter in comment field)

7.) Do you already have financing in place?
YesNoPlease send me information about financing options.

8.) Do you have a certain budget? If yes, please enter your budget in the comment field.

9.) Do you have a timeline for this project? If yes, please enter your timetable in the comment field.

10.) Do you have a name for your project?

11.) In which context is your KristallTurm® high rope course going to be operated?
Stand-alone attraction (only KristallTurm® high rope course)Within an amusement / leisure park, etc.Associated with a hotel, etc.Associated with a sports facilityOther (Please enter in the comment field)

12.) What is the intended operations concept?
Touristic (fun, action)EducationalSports/TrainingOther (Please enter in the comment field)

13.) What is your main target group?
Mainly childrenMainly adultsMainly youthAll agesFamiliesCompanies

14.) Is your KristallTurm® high rope course going to be installed indoor or outdoor?


15.) On which KristallTurm® high rope course size and capacity are you interested?
The indicated visitor numbers refer to 3 climbing levels.

KristallTurm® 18-pole

KristallTurm® 14-pole

KristallTurm® 13-pole

KristallTurm® 12-pole

KristallTurm® 10-pole

KristallTurm® 7-pole

KristallTurm® 6-pole

KristallTurm® 4-pole


Overview of the KristallTurm® high rope courses

16.) How many climbing levels should your KristallTurm® high rope course have? How high should it be?
2 levels (11m high)3 levels (16m high)4 levels (21m high)I don't know yet

17.) Would you like to have the option to extend the KristallTurm® high rope course in the future?
YesNoI don't know yet


18.) Please select any additional elements you find attractive:
Add on's for fun and action

Kids Course

Tube Slide

Giant Swing

Walk the plank

Abseiling station


Climbing rope

Climbing panel

Pole Walk

Zip Line

Trust Jump

Pillow Jump

Integrated Teambuilding-Elements
No add on for more fun and action


19.) Please select any additional elements you find attractive:
Add on's for extended use
More information about our add on's

Ground platform

Event/Observation platform

Sun- and rain protection

Flood light system

Sound system

Cargo lift

2. Staircase
No add on for extended use



20.) KristallTurm® offers themed climbing elements. Do you already have ideas for a certain theme or topic?
Our creative team is happy to develop some ideas for you.
Examples of themed climbing elements:

21.) Would you like to color your high rope course?
The hot dip galvanized steel parts can be painted in all RAL-colours. This offers additional corrosion protection (recommended in regions with salty air).


22.) What are the air conditions at the planned location?
Salty (near the sea)Chlorine (for example in a swimming pool)No special requirementsOther aggressive substances (Please enter in the comment field)

23.) In which country / region will the KristallTurm® high rope course be installed?

24.) Are there any natural forces in the area that need to be considered?
High snow loadsHigh wind loads (hurricanes, tornados, storms)EarthquakesVolcanoesFloodingAvalanches, landslidesnsects (such as termites, etc.)Other (Please enter in the comment field)No known natural forces

Thank you very much for taking time to provide this information.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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