Jul 17
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The play ship in Maurach, lake Achensee – an adventure playground with history

It is done – the adventure playground in Maurach at lake Achensee, Austria is now finished. Located between the Rofan and Karwendel mountains lies Maurach on lake Achensee, which now opens an exciting children’s playground. Under the theme “shipping”, a fanciful and adventurous play area is arising. After successfully implementing some major projects in Dubai or various indoor and outdoor adventure playgrounds in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the children’s playground at lake Achensee was the next exciting challenge for our experienced steel workers, carpenters, technical planners and designers in this sector. The 31 meters long ship serves as a center of the area and can be reached by ladders, climbing nets and ramps. Closely following the theme “shipping”, the flag is hoisted on the deck and children can play captain at the large steering wheel on the driver’s cab. A big ship’s bell and an anchor, that can be pulled in and released, make the sailor feeling perfect. Also, the entire range of play elements around the outside of the ship is adapted to the theme. Thus, there is a play tower connected to the ship by a suspension bridge, six swings made out of buoys for children to sit on, a sandbox in the shape of a boat and a zip line, where the little ones can ride from a platform to the ground on a buoy. In addition, a low ropes course with a total of 20 climbing elements is placed around the ship. The elements resemble a high rope course for balancing or move hand over hand and encourage balance, coordination and agility. The playground is rounded off by a so-called bird’s nest tree, a large steel pole to which several nest swings and climbing nets are attached. Directly beside the newly rising swimming pool and spa “Atoll” the children’s playground invites families with children to play and linger. 

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